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To get multiple orgasms and multiple ejaculations you need to make your penis into an effective breeding machine. The way that I see it is this. Your penis is a machine that can only go at such a rate that you make it run at maximum efficiency. By that I mean, make sure that you get as much blood flowing to your penis as possible. If you make it harder for your penis to achieve an erection then you won’t have any success with pleasing your partner and you won’t be able to make her orgasm multiple times.

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Popular Culture’s Underrepresentation Of The Black Penis

American pop culture is sceptical about the black penis, which shows a deeper concern with portraying black men’s sexuality. History of the sex business is steeped with white men’s love and loyalty. The underrepresentation in American popular culture of the black penis reveals the same lack empathy for black male sexuality. American popular culture is…

To help you learn how to handle a big black bone properly you need to be familiar with the different areas that it touches while you are having sex. By doing this you will know where your penis is at all times and you will know how to stimulate it in order to bring her to the heights of ecstasy that she can only dream of having. The first area that you will need to get to is inside of her. You need to know how to insert your penis so that it can hit her g-spot when you are having sex with her. You want to make sure that you give her plenty of foreplay so that her g-spot is already stimulated before you insert your penis into her.

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